About Esun Educational Home

Esun educational home was founded by Shri. Pon. Murugan , who is the founder of Esun groups – India , Sun & Moon opticals – Muscat , under his guidance our functions are managed very effectively. During the year 1998, by extending his financial support through an article in a newspaper from an unknown woman, the awareness to continue the same by founding a home was originated.

Funding only the education, is not our criteria, we also strive to build the character of the children and teach them to face the situations in this competitive world by making them know about their inner strength. They are been taught to live with utmost integrity.

Our principles are designed in such a way that there is not discrimination for any caste or religion, every human being should be treated with at most Love and Care.

About The Founder – Shri. Pon. Murugan


Esun educational Home was founded by Shri. Pon. Murugan, who was born in an ordinary farming family on 01st May 1972  at Siruvallur Village in Thiruannamalai district. His parents are Mr.Ponnuswamy and Mrs.Poomalleeammal. From his early years he got involved in farming besides to his pursuing education.

He started his education at  THANGAVELU UDAYAR TRUST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL at his village. He then continued his higher education by walking 5 kms to his nearby village ADHAMANGALAM PUDHUR. He then completed his higher secondary during the year 1989 at Adhamangalampudur Boys high school.

Inspired by Morality and Discipline, as the highest regard from his teachers, he was willing to choose teaching as his career profession. Unfortunately, he couldn’t become a teacher, but joined the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital ,  in Egmore , Chennai. In between the course, he decided to discontinue and continue farming with his parents, this resulted because of his senior students in the college demoralized his views, but with his father’s advice and instructions, he then continued pursuing the course and successfully became an efficient Optometrist.

By facing lots of hurdles in his life for pursuing his education, he decided to extend financial support to youngsters from his nearby villages. With his extended compassion, now there are many children to whom the love has spread across to live a peaceful life.