Origin – Esun Educational Home

Learning is the true imperishable riches. – Thirukural

Is this available to everyone?

Four different fees for four different people

A needed poor is ultimately not benefited.

Esun Educational Home .., Specially for

Who ploughs the land with his bearfoot

  Who transforms his sweat to blood

  Who seeds the life with love

  Who feeds us like our Parents, the farmer

  Has no opportunity for higher education….


To give solace to his sufferings…….

In 1998 – The article from an unknown woman named Prasanna Devi.R ,  in a Tamil Newspaper about the difficulties and hurdles faced by while pursuing her education has become the root cause of founding the Esun educational Home.

The first cheque offered by     Shri. Pon.  Murugan to Prasanna Devi became the root of Esun Educational Home .



                                                        Kadalur O T,

18.  7. 1998.


To our respected brother,

                Vanakkam, We received your letter along with your heartened financial aid. Myself along with my parents whole heartedly thank you so much for the same.  As suggested by you to pursue Medicine on my willing, but my cut off marks are 274.16, the final cut off marks for backward class is 288, so I am not eligible for Medicine and I am not willing too.

                 My cut off marks for B.E is 264.16, I firmly hope that, I will get admission in any of Government Engineering colleges. My first preferred course is Computer science Engg and second is for Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. I may join any of the above. Counseling for the same are said to be conducted on 25th , 26th . I haven’t received the call letter on this yet, hoping to receive it in a weeks time. This will be conducted in Chennai. Have applied few colleges.  With GOD’s grace wish your family all good deeds to happen.


Yours Every Sincerely,

R. Prasannadevi.

                The Happiness and fulfillment happened in this incident , Become the base idea and root for Esun Educational Home. It was found that the under poverty line was the major obstacle faced by people.       Shri.Pon. Murugan, due his utmost compassion, started supporting them with financial aid.

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